Aeroworks & Aeroworks Junior

– for people who breathe!

Aeroworks is an introductory course which acts as a solid foundation for new learners before picking up any brass & wind instrument. It will also help those who have learnt to play by strengthening their core skills.

Course Details:

  • There will be 2 levels in this course
  • Each level takes a year to complete
  • Duration for each lesson varies by age group
  • Class size: 3 – 5 students or individual lesson
  • Open to everyone aged 3 to adult

Aeroworks Junior

Course Details:

  • Age 3 to 7
  • Duration: 30 to 60 minutes depending on age group.
  • Class Approach: Using games to introduce music elements for kids to apply their skill.

Who is suitable for this course:

  • Children without music background
  • Children who are currently learning an instrument
  • Children who are not sure which instrument to start with


Course Details:

  • Age 8 and above
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Class Approach: Detailed explanation in depth for every music elements and skills.

Who is suitable for this course:

  • People without music background
  • People who are currently learning an instrument
  • Parents who have children learning instrument
  • Adults who wish to start taking up an instrument

Course Content

Basic Posture
Getting to Know Embouchure
Pulse & Rhythm
Pitch & Harmony

Tuning & Intonation
Following The Conductor
Following Principal Player
Fingering Skills
Sight Reading
Sight Transposing
Practising Skills

Leading While Playing
Overcoming Stage Fright
Music Research
Style & Character of Music