Director’s Message


Welcome to BMA, Malaysia’s largest music learning institution. Our faculty numbers over 60 teachers offering vocal and instrumental lessons in classical, rock, pop and jazz music. We also offer studies in theory, composition, arrangement and orchestration, as well as aural. In 2024, speech and drama will be added to our broad portfolio.

With 22 music studios and over ten thousand square feet of rehearsal and performance spaces, BMA is the music school of choice for over 700 students.

With an average age of 15, our youngest students are of preschool age – or younger!  We have many adult learners too, either as individual students or in groups… or both!

Music is best experienced, shared. Either as an audience member or, as a member of a group, choir or orchestra involved in unique experiences for all concerned, each and every time. It does not matter about your age or ability, the fact that you are in such a wonderful learning environment as BMA is, in itself, something to be cherished.

At BMA, our motto is ‘Performance First’ as it is through performance that we learn the most and in doing so, complete the cycle the song writer or composer originally imagined.

To that end, BMA offers two concerts each 3-month term, plus Midsummer Concerts and Year End Concerts. Additional opportunities via the BMA YOUNG ARTISTS PLATFORM and the annual junior music theatre camps, through to performing at major local venues, international collaborations and exchanges are also available.

If exams are your priority, then know that all our teachers can guide you from initial grades to performance and recital diplomas, and at no increased cost as you develop.

Choosing BMA as your music school is something that many parents have acknowledged as one of their most positive and rewarding decisions. Many of our students have gone on to study music overseas with superb results, witnessing high scores across other academic subjects, not just music.

We are here to make music make us better people. Not everyone goes on to a career in music of course, but we can quantitatively and qualitatively prove that music studies improves well-being, peace of mind, and provides that ‘third place’ to grow and discover more. Whether you are serious about music or aim to experience some serious fun performing music, BMA is your new home.

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