Charles Roberts

Charles Roberts is an actor cum filmmaker with almost 8 years’ experience in the film and theater industry. A graduate from ASWARA in filmmaking, Charles has directed and written multiple short film from varying genres such as drama, action, thriller, comedy and even horror. As an actor he has appeared in major television shows such as Viu’s The Bridge, Kopitiam Double Shot and Kamcing. Charles has worked on multiple theater projects as an actor and writer, including shows like “I Hate My Job”, “Arranged”, “The Retreat”, “1504”, “Tragedi Hamlet”, “Bollywood Dreams” and “My Appa Died Again”, in which he won Best Actor that year.

He recently embarked on the journey of being a Speech and Drama teacher with EM Drama. As a teacher he believes that the arts is a great way to cultivate confidence amongst his student. To be able to speak with an air of confidence and to be able to express themselves, is what makes teaching such a joy.

Selected Theatre credits: 1504 (2015), I Hate My Job (2015), The Retreat (2017), Tragedi Hamlet (2018), Jam Lah (2018), Arranged (2018), Game On (2019), Four Love (2019), Bollywood Dreams (2021),My Appa Died Again (2021), Opium By Any Other Name (2023) and Indicinelive! Versi Halapan (2023).

Selected TV & Films credits: The Bridge (2017), Keluarga BahaDon (2018 – 2020), Kopitiam Double Shot (2018), Ceroboh (2019), How Not To Lose Your Job (2020) Kamcing (2022), Liar (2022) and Fanna (2023)

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