Unleash Your Potential with Speech and Drama Classes!

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Speech & Drama Benefits

  1. Overcome stage fright and fear of public speaking.
    The more often you stand on stage, the more you conquer your fear!
  2. Develop presentation skills for the future.
    Knowing when to emphasize, pause and move is essential to presenting well.
  3. Improve your pronunciation, enunciation and diction.
    Speaking correctly, clearly, and with the right choice of words helps to keep your audience engaged.
  4. Develop a deeper understanding of emotions and how to express them through acting.
    Understanding why characters in a story react in situations fosters empathy and helps to understand your own emotions.
  5. Engage in ensemble performances and group activities.
    Working together with your classmates on stage helps to build trust with each other.
  6. Explore different cultures and perspectives through dramatic storytelling.
    Learn about how Savitri, the ancient Indian goddess, shows her love to how a mouse deer tricks other animals to doing what it wants!

EM Drama’s Philosophy

Empathy – We seek to understand you.
We believe that fostering empathy for the people around us should begin at a young age. To understand each other better. To be better human beings.

Embody – We encourage role play.
We believe that by embodying characters in poems or plays, you foster empathy and that deepens your understanding of another person(s) when you put yourself in their shoes.

Empower – We want YOU to be confident.
We want our students to be empowered by the skills they learnt in class. With empowerment comes confidence to head out and take on the world.

Syllabus follows guidelines set by Trinity College London. Topics covered…

1) Voice Work
2) Body Language
3) Prose
4) Poems
5) Scene Work
6) Text Analysis

…and many more!

The students will also be given the option to sit for the Trinity College London Speech & Drama exam.

Tutors :

Nisha Dharan Nair is an international improviser and theatre practitioner with teams based in New York, California, Philippines, India, Thailand and locally. After returning from the UK with a law degree (LLB hons) from Cardiff University 2011. She decided to step into the world of producing TVCs, copywriting and scriptwriting. While her career took off on a separate track, her love for theatre led her straight to KLPAC. She debuted in 2013 as part of KLPAC’s 6th run of T4YP.

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Megat ‘Adli is an English, Public Speaking and Drama teacher, actor and voice artist. Ever since his first year in college, he has been actively practicing and now teaching the art of stage acting. After he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) with a minor Drama and Literature, he has decided to also teach and practice his knowledge to the next generation. He also acts both on stage and screen while lending his voice in commercial and film narrations.

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Esther Liew is speech and drama educator, theatre director and screen/stage actor.
Esther discovered her passion for the stage at a young age performing in church. In 2005, she was awarded a gold medal for Solo Acting at the ISKL SEA Forensics Tournament.

Upon returning from England with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Reading, she decided to hone her acting skills further by training under several veterans from the local performing arts scene

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Charles Roberts is an actor cum filmmaker with almost 8 years’ experience in the film and theater industry. A graduate from ASWARA in filmmaking, Charles has directed and written multiple short film from varying genres such as drama, action, thriller, comedy and even horror. As an actor he has appeared in major television shows such as Viu’s The Bridge, Kopitiam Double Shot and Kamcing. Charles has worked on multiple theater projects as an actor and writer

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